Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stamp Frame for Photos

Okay, apparently Valentine's Day has gotten a wee bit more complicated than I remember back in my days of kindergarten. I purchased super cool 3D Clone Wars cards (sans envelopes) for my son weeks ago, when I ran across them at Kmart. I figured I was done thinking about that. Nope. He needs his cards to be tucked into envelopes and then they need "address labels" and "stamps" (both of which were supplied by the teacher.) So, I cut out my own envelopes using this template as a guide (check out the cute cards too!) And, I thought it would be more fun to make our own stamps, so I used fd's Flickr tools to create the above stamp. It let's you choose the date; but, wouldn't it be even better if it would let you choose the message on the postmark? They also have a lot of other really cool photo tools. I used MS Word and address labels to print them out.

Of course, these are fake stamps, but you can design real stamps at PhotoStamps.

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