Sunday, November 23, 2008

First Project Finished!

I finished my first project, the Kidlet Tote from JC Handmade. I had a fun time making this one and it will be going to a little girl who is turning 4. I lined the inside in green gingham.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Craft To Do List

Boy, have I been busy surfing the internet these last two months. I am just awestruck by the amazing blogs I have found and all the incredible tutorials that bloggers have generously shared. It can be quite a challenge to find crafty things to make for boys, but I think I did it.

It's been difficult to narrow down the tutorials I'm most excited to try. With that said, I'm posting a few of the crafty goodness I hope to whip up in the next month or two. I'll post my finished projects when I do get around to actually finishing a project.

Rocket Man by The Long Thread

Teether Toy by Patch Apple

Freezer Paper Stencils by Panjo

I found some really great pdf patterns here. I can't wait to try this one out!

Pocket Tote by JC Handmade

I'm thinking of making this for a friend's daughter and adding another handle to make it a small tote bag. Although, this next one is really cute, too!

Drawstring Pouch by Orange Flower:Sketchbook

Margaret Sling Bag by oh, fransson!

Tooth Officer by mmmcrafts

Finally, a tooth fairy pillow for boys!

Molly Monkey by mmmcrafts

Sock Monster by Monster Munch

Baby Quilt by oh, fransson!

Well, I think I better sign up for the local sewing workshop, if I plan to get all this done.

Thanks for looking!