Friday, December 6, 2013

Hatty Hattington Costume from BattleBlock Theater

This Halloween, I made my son a Hatty Hattington costume, a character he chose from the BattleBlock Theater video game.  We were both pleased with how it turned out.

The hat was papier mache using a Quikrete cement forming tube from Home Depot and a styrofoam wreath (for the brim) from Michaels.  Before I clued it to the top of the cardboard box, I laced a bike helmet (using cording rope) from the inside to the top of the box for stability.  The 12" x 12" cardboard box is painted white and scrapbook paper cutouts are glued on.  I cut a hole for him to see out of and glued in a white sheer fabric.

I sewed the cravat from this pattern using a top I found at the thrift store.  I would make it longer next time.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Santa Barbara Landscaping

Brian and I liked the landscaping for this yard on Paseo Cameo.

I especially liked these low rounded bushes (above) near the steps.

I love star jasmine and whatever that ground cover is.

Stamped concrete

This house was just off of Shoreline Drive.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Landscaping Inspiration

In general, I like the use of bushes and plants in different colors and heights. I would like to incorporate Santa Barbara stone in the plantings as well.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lego Birthday Party

Here's a rundown of the party schedule:

12:00 pm - Party starts

  • Design your own dog tag
  • Lego coloring pages and stickers
  • Guess the numer of Lego in the container (prize)

12:30 pm

  • Race car building and racing (no prizes)

1:15 pm

  • Pizza lunch

1:40 pm

  • Award the guess the number of Lego prize
  • Build the tallest standing tower in 10 minutes (3 teams, no prizes)

2:00 pm

  • Walk down to the neighborhood park
  • Lego hunt at the playground
  • Pinata

2:20 pm

  • Walk back home
  • Cake and ice cream

2:45 pm

  • Lego free play

3:00 pm - Party Ends

Build your own dog tag

Guess the number of Lego in the container

Guess the number of lego pieces prize

Pop the balloons and collect your wheels

Race Car Building

Nice car, birthday boy!

Car race track

Car Racing

Pizza lunch with fruit salad and crudites

Lego Brick Hunt

Lego Pinata

Made from cardboard box, sliced mailing tube and spray paint.

Collectible Lego Mystery Mini Figure (Zombie)

Goody bag take home items:
  • Lego Club Magazine (with free Legoland kid's ticket)

  • Personalized bookmark

  • Homemade Lego minifigure crayons

  • Design your own minifigure drawing

  • Dogtag necklace

  • Lego brick candy

  • Limited Edition Lego Mystery minifigure

Party Decor