Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Teacher Gift Revealed

I can finally show off the teacher gift I made for Christmas for my son's kindergarten teacher. It's a tri-fold portfolio that holds personalized note cards and note pad. I designed and printed the note cards at home and purchased the envelopes from a local "Paper Source" supplier. I used Vistaprint for the notepad and uploaded my design. I used repurposed linen for the cover and green gingham and Amy Butler fabric for the inside. I had my son draw the cover design and then I embroidered it. (I'm really loving that idea!) Then I wrapped it in potato stamp paper that my son made. That part was really easy. I used cookie cutters on the potatoes and then cut off a slice to create the stamp. It took no time at all and I liked the feel of having the whole gift be homemade by both me and my son.

I'm thinking of making a tutorial of the portfolio and note cards, to give back to the extremely generous blogging community.

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Anonymous said...

My son will be leaving his Montessori next year, I'd love to make something like this, it would be perfect.